Fully comprehending the end-to-end consumer journey and offering services aligned to their specific needs remains a point of convergence for companies today. With the complexity and consumer demands growing steadily, the need to offer connected experiences, especially those that can be swiftly customized to suit special scenarios, becomes pertinent. BizXL ensures continuous success in an experience-led market through its hyper-focused yet agile business strategy.

Our User Experience Innovation involves partnering with clients to disrupt the conventional processes and enable digital-transformation to maximize value creation.

Be it drafting, designing, or implementations, making your products and services reach consumers via varied digital touch points is the new normal. BizXL Solutions has joined hands with Rutgers Business School to create a unique approach for innovative problem solving called Idea Design to Execution Accelerator (IDEA).  IDEA just doesn’t enhance your productivity; it ensures a more engaging and enriching digital experience.

With IDEA as an underlying foundation to User Experience Innovation, BizXL endeavors to meet complex consumer demands through a simplified approach that leverages the latest technological advancements within complex environments.

How does BizXL deploy User Experience Innovation?

We use IDEA, which brings the best of Lean Management, Design Thinking, Agile Development, and Change Management into a simplified framework to overcome your business challenges. The consumer journey from problem identification to solution development and delivery is streamlined to offer:

  1. Discover through Immersion labs to understand the needs and wants of the users and other stakeholders
  2. Diagnose the end-to-end user/customer experience pain points by journey mapping to define the problem
  3. Design personalized, quick, reliable and relevant digital experiences across multichannels
  4. Develop rapid prototypes to get quick user feedback, learn and iterate. Deliver improved products/ services with channel agnostic superlative user experience