Implementing and scaling intelligent automation technologies, has now become a critical part of Digital Transformation efforts across many organizations. Technology transformation is now comprised of a holistic business model integrating multiple technology capabilities. We offer these tools that infuse intelligence into automation:
Eliminating repetitive tasks that do not add significant value to an organization is essential. RPA solutions automate such repetitive activities and allow for maximizing the value within a business. By applying RPA solutions, employees are now able to focus on performing more value-adding activities that require human intelligence. In this way, waste of time and money are minimized and value is maximized. Moreover, integrating AI is equally significant for customized solutions as pattern detection, text & data mining, and computer vision have been incorporated to help businesses automate tasks in a smart way. 

Here, IDP also helps to automate activities and reduce waste. It all comes to Business Intelligence platforms that visualize all the insights captured through various data sources to help managers make the right decisions.

bizXL Solutions has formed a strategic partnership with Datamatics to enhance lean automation and dynamic Intelligent Automation solutions for its clients. bizXL Solutions, along with Datamatics, are providing holistic technology transformation solutions, concentrated on combining process- and data- driven approaches and solutions that will eventually drive agility and respond to the upcoming changing business requirements.


Datamatics is a global organization that provides intelligent solutions around Technology, BPM, Intelligent Automation, and Digital Solutions for data driven companies. Datamatics specifically offers the following products:

By partnering with Datamatics, bizXL Solutions offers a fully integrated technology transformation tool to clients, by also utilizing its expertise in Digital Transformation, Lean Automation and Six Sigma. The solutions that are offered now by this strategic partnership involve customized services around Big Data, Cloud Services, Analytics, RPA, technology transformation advice and strategic Lean Automation, enhanced with customized technology solutions.

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