Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Total Business Excellence [TBE™] Model:

Our research based Total Business Excellence [TBE™] model is designed to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by developing a culture that is integrated, aligned and responsive to market and customer demands.

The TBE™ model has been created by studying organizations that were successful for long but couldn’t sustain and also organizations that were not performing well but were able to re-invent and propel themselves to great performance.

Customer Focus:

Understanding customer needs, wants and preferences on an ongoing basis are critical for any successful and progressive business. BizXL can help establish mechanisms to capture pulse of the customer and ensure business is doing more of what the customers’ value and less of what customers do not care for. BizXL can help establish customer pulse, using historical data and advance CRM tools. This leads to bridging the gap between what the customer values and what the business delivers.

Leadership/Employee Commitment:

Survival of any small or large organization depends on the responsiveness and commitment of the leadership team and employees. Adaptability to customer and market realities is the key to success. BizXL partners with clients to cement a foundation and harness a culture of continuous improvisation. A process is laid to review strategic goals against the backdrop of ever changing customer and market realities by doing a course correction as and when needed.

Product/Service Alignment:

Value creation is maximized when the organization is strategically able to design products that customers care for.

Effective and Efficient Delivery:

Delivering strategically aligned customer centric products and services through customer preferred cost effective channels helps deliver value. BizXL leverages expertise of LEAN and Six Sigma to improve speed and quality of delivery through end to end focused business process management.

Optimized Performance:

Designing customer valued products and services and preferred delivery chanels is foundational. Our Lean Six Sigma certified business experts help design output based measures to build a high performance customer centric culture. What gets measured, get’s done. Besides TBE™, strength of the core team is in providing Three Sixty-degree strategic support to businesses. The experienced team uses a variety of tools leading to problem identification, solution design and effective implementation with an end objective of reducing unit costs and complexities and maximizing value creation.