The simple objective of Operational Excellence (OPEX) is to do only what adds value for the customers and the business while managing all the business risks effectively. This is accomplished with a culture of commitment to continuous learning and innovation. However, as organizations and businesses grow, complexity increases, adding multiple inefficiencies and creating organizational silos. Creating an end-to-end view can help break down the performance barriers and unleash value to the organization, making it simpler, faster, cheaper, and highly effective and efficient to do business.

At bizXL Solutions, we believe “Less is More”. When you partner with us, we work hand-in-hand with you to solve the top business issues of improving operational performance, enhancing employee engagement, reducing operating cost, and change management.

Our research-based Total Business Excellence [TBE™] model blends advanced Lean Six Sigma methodology and an End-to-End focus with sophisticated Business Management and Data Analytics tools and techniques to Maximize Value Creation.

People and Organizational Culture

Culture is shaped by the behavior exhibited by the people of an organization based on their shared values and beliefs. It is not just picking some words. An organization with clearly defined and exhibited values and behavior can create a more engaging workplace. Research shows that organizations which have an alignment between values, beliefs and exhibited behavior have more engaged employees and deliver better performance.

We can help you establish harmony amongst the Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs and develop performance management system to sustain the culture. We achieve this by organizing interviews, workshops and custom designed training programs.

Employee Engagement

Organizational success will be governed by the ability to attract and retain the best talent. From providing good compensation to free food and vibrant workplaces employers are trying all means to hire and retain the best. Just like customer experience, workplace experience is a critical element enabling employee engagement and needs to be looked at in totality. bizXL can support in analyzing your engagement survey results, identifying the real issues and designing effective strategies to improve employee engagement and set you on the path to success.

Lean Six Sigma Management

Lean and Six Sigma approaches though originated in the manufacturing shop floors are now utilized across sectors such as banking, insurance, healthcare, retail and hospitality. While Lean focuses on identifying and eliminating waste, Six Sigma focuses on reducing variability. The combination of Lean and Six Sigma is powerful in improving operational performance.

Business Process Design and Documentation

Process is a sequence of steps that utilize some input and deliver an output. As an organization evolves the complexity grows. Business Process Documentation of key processes within an organization helps in management and improvement by minimizing complexity and reducing variability.

Designing a process for a new product or service helps define the sequence of steps and the inputs required at each step. There are many softwares available for process documentation, however it is the ability to think through step by step that is important.

If your organization is looking for support with documentation or with design of processes, we can help.

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