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Operating Partner

Business Insight and strategic vision

To partner with private equity and venture capital funds, family offices and other specialized finance partners in managing their portfolio company operations at a company, or portfolio level.

As an operating partner we can create early warning signals, digital cockpits, transformation scorecards, and implement other management and digital tools to not only offer targeted visibility into core business areas but also help deliver outsized returns to the financing partners by unlocking the full potential for the portfolio company through a series of strategic initiatives and flawless execution.

We help ensure that costs are optimized, and compliances are done accurately, timely and effectively. We review revenue, product, customer, and margin mix and growth through precise analytics and get them closer to the operating plan. We support proper budgeting and accurate, regular, and timely reporting, all of which can really help the financing partner get key insights into the business and make for excellent management – financier partnership.

We will optimize and, if required, consolidate back-office functions such as human resources, finance, operations and reporting across the portfolio
We also offer transaction support to PE, VCs performing business and operational due diligence, managing data room, ensure pre-transaction readiness and efficient post-merger integrations.

Enterprise Solutions

PE / VC / Family Office Funds

Transaction Support

Portfolio Management

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