In the quest to achieve market leadership organizations are exploring integrating with the customers’ world. Digital Transformation is not about introducing a new technology or creating a good-looking website. It is in fact a cultural change. Research shows that over 70% of organizations failed toachieve a desired ROI from digital transformation initiatives. Executing digital transformation successfully would need a review of the operating model to understand how the organization is creating and delivering value to the customer or end user and fundamentally redesigning it. A successful digital transformation initiative would have both the customer and employees at its core. As it is only through high levels of employee engagement that rich customer experiences are designed and delivered.

Businesses are faced with digital disruptions prompting organizational transformation in order to keep up with competitors, to take advantage of new opportunities and to remain relevant and sustainable.

To prepare for changing market conditions, businesses and technology systems need to become more informed, flexible, innovative, and active, while minimizing interruption to current business and technology operations.

So how do you build and maintain an organization that is efficient, dependable and resilient, yet informed, flexible, and innovative? By innovating how you deliver services and transformation. BizXL Solutions helps companies create the operational models enabling employees with tools and capabilities to create seamless customer experience achieving effective technological transformation.

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End to End Journey Mapping

Defining a problem and developing a solution can be painful and lengthy process full of ambiguity. Our advisers can help design and facilitate Immersion and Acceleration labs for your new product/ service innovation. Our lab design is based on the IDEA ™ (Idea Design to Execution Accelerator) 5D framework of Discover, Diagnose, Design, Develop and Deliver. It is a well-designed approach that integrates elements of Lean management, Design Thinking, Agile Development and Change Management.

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Customer / User Experience Design

Importance of customer experience is not a discussion point any more. Organizations like Amazon, Apple and others who are constantly striving to design the best customer experiences across channels and across product value streams have been handsomely rewarded by the customers and the markets. The business case is obvious, and the reward is evident. If your organization wants to design world class customer / user experiences for your products/ services, we can help design and execute new customer experiences by a developing a deep understanding of the customer / user world using design thinking and lean management principles. Our broad spectrum of capabilities from Management Consulting, Learning & Development and Technology Transformation make it easier for clients to design and execute change.

Fully comprehending the end-to-end consumer journey and offering services aligned to their specific needs remains a point of convergence for companies today. With the complexity and consumer demands growing steadily, the need to offer connected experiences, especially those that can be swiftly customized to suit special scenarios, becomes pertinent. BizXL ensures continuous success in an experience-led market through its hyper-focused yet agile business strategy.

Our User Experience Innovation involves partnering with clients to disrupt the conventional processes and enable digital transformation to maximize value creation.

Be it drafting, designing, or implementations, making your products and services reach consumers via varied digital touch points is the new normal. BizXL Solutions has joined hands with Rutgers Business School to create a unique approach for innovative problem solving called Idea Design to Execution Accelerator (IDEA).  IDEA just doesn’t enhance your productivity; it ensures a more engaging and enriching digital experience.

With IDEA as an underlying foundation to User Experience Innovation, BizXL endeavors to meet complex consumer demands through a simplified approach that leverages the latest technological advancements within complex environments.

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Immersion and Acceleration Labs

Understanding end to end customer experience from the point of need identification, awareness, decision, buy, service and referral is captured as a customer journey. Many times, customer uses multiple channels and inputs that influence the end to end journey. Mapping the end to end journey provides organizations an opportunity to understand the influencers and friction points across the journey map to create a differentiated experience and enabling the prospect to become a client and a strong referral.

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MVP and Prototype Testing

Innovation effectiveness and efficiency is greatly enhanced by developing Minimum Viable Products with a focus on learning by gathering quick feedback from the user/ customer. The feedback obtained should be used for validating hypothesis and shape next steps. More than 60% startups fail as they spend way too much time developing the product and scaling up without customer/ user validation. Our advisers can guide your teams in designing MVPs and testing to learn and pivot if required.

Convert Your Data into Insight

Leaders need good quality of information and insights to make important decision. Quality of information is governed by the quality of data. It is a challenge to find the data that is source of truth due to many systems, manual touch points, organizational silos and so on. To accelerate business performance availability of insights with the right people at the right time in an actionable format is critical. At BizXL we work with organizational teams to first clearly define outcome measures, performance targets, driver variables and the data sources. Then we help define the insights required by key teams across the organizational levels in form of dashboards using capabilities such as Power BI.

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