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In a dynamic business environment, organizations need to harness new ways of thinking and develop new capabilities and skills to be relevant and sustainable. Employees are the biggest asset for an organization. Research shows the biggest challenge to organizational growth and sustainability is the ability to attract and retain the relevant talent. bizXL can be your partner to develop custom workshops and training programs across different levels of your organization to address knowledge and skill gaps.. To find out more, get in touch.

Leadership Development

To enhance performance of leaders or to prepare future leaders for key organizational roles custom designed learning and development programs are highly beneficial. These programs package elements of critical thinking, decision making, people management, conflict resolution, convergent and divergent thinking and so on. These programs can be delivered on a one on one setting or in a small group setting.

Operations Management

Operations Management enables organizations to deliver predictable outcomes using standardized work processes, engaged employees and workload planning and collaboration. With extensive experience working with teams across manufacturing and service operations, we can structure a custom program that will help your teams improve overall performance.

Key Benefits:

Design Innovation

Design Innovation is not only for a selected group. You can be startup or an established organization, enabling your teams with Design Innovation concepts can unleash a lot of value. Blending concepts of Lean Management, Design Thinking, Agile Development and Change Management we created a unique program for effective problem solving called IDEA ™ (Idea Design to Execution Accelerator). IDEA was created in collaboration with Rutgers Business School. We can create a custom program for your teams while they work on a real innovation project (Product or Service).

Lean Management

Lean Management is a philosophy as well as a way of thinking. An organization from the frontline to the CEO can embrace Lean Management to significantly Minimize Waste and Maximize Business Results. With experience working with organizations across domains and industry verticals, we can help your organization experience Lean Management concepts or embrace it as a culture.

Lean Six Sigma GB/ BB Certification

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is an established combination that helps practitioners develop a way of thinking to reduce variability, rigidity and waste in operations.

We can develop a roadmap for your organization and provide training and certification along with coaching and mentoring support to enhance your team capability.

Project And Program Management

Managing budget, scope, time and risks in a project is always a challenge. An understanding of the tools and frameworks that enable thinking through and navigating through the project journey helps in avoiding surprises.

Many organizations are transitioning from traditional waterfall to agile approach for project and program management. bizXL can help your teams learn concepts of scientific project and program management through well designed training programs.

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