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bizXL Solutions is a boutique management consulting firm focused on improving operational efficiency and profit maximization using proprietary methodologies. Our first priority is always the interests of our clients, providing capability, adaptability and scalability.

We follow an industry agnostic approach, and our goal is to improve the business effectiveness and create sustainable competitive advantages for small, medium and large scale businesses through customized solutions. We bring the science of Process Design and the capability of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Analytics (BI) and Artificial Intelligence to achieve the business objectives such as improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer and employee experience, reducing operating cost and achieving measurable ROI. Serving clients across Canada and the US with Lean Automation, Operational Excellence and Build Capability Solutions.


Projects can be challenging; we are here to lighten the load off your shoulders and help you find effective and efficient solutions to your business challenges. We partner with teams to bring intelligence to operations thus improving efficiency and maximizing profitability.
bizXL Solutions has entered into a strategic partnership with Datamatics to bring end-to-end digital transformation and Lean Automation capability to enterprises in North America.
bizXL has also partnered with health tech company, THB (Technology, Healthcare, Big Data) for Driving Healthcare Transformation with Intelligent AI-enabled Patient Care and Analytics for payers and healthcare organizations. Lean Automation in healthcare helps optimize end-to-end patient experience, improve quality of care while reducing cost and streamlining operations management.


Strategic Partnership

bizXL Solutions, has a strategic partnership with Datamatics that supports and enhances our lean automation and technology transformation services.

Datamatics is a global Technology, BPM, Intelligent Automation, and Digital Solutions company providing intelligent solutions for data driven businesses. The company’s Intelligent Automation (IA) products include TruBot (RPA), TruCap+ (Intelligent Document Processing), TruAI (Artificial Intelligence) and TruBI (Data Visualization and Advance Analytics).

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